Moodful on Adobe XD is available for download now!

Intelligent moodboards for designers

Moodful brings together the visual inspiration you gather with every feature you need to use it effectively. It integrates directly inside your favourite design tools and enables you to do your best creative work.

Works perfectly with the best sources

Organise the first step of your creative process.

Every project involving creativity starts with inspiration. Great designers have been practicing this forever. Gathering libraries of patterns, ideas, palettes and anything really that can ignite a new thought. Moodful is built for this exact stage of your process.

Your design tool just got a new mode.

Designed to adapt to your mind and your way of thinking.

Moodful does not impose structure, allowing you to be yourself. Create different files and boards, the way you prefer. Enhance your visual inspiration with notes and links directly from your favourite websites or import local images and add data later. Enjoy actual privacy and other important features, out of the box.

Get started now, completely free.

We are working on expanding Moodful to the most popular tools. For now it’s available only on Adobe XD, but more are coming.