The idea is to integrate Moodful directly into your design workflow and that means adding a whole new mode to your design tool of choice. We continue to experiment and test various platforms to see if the experience of truly intelligent moodboards is possible and we will be launching new integrations soon.

Currently supported

Adobe XD

The expansion of Adobe XD capabilities to support panel plugins, enabled this integration. You can have the full Moodful experience with smart entries, combining links, notes and an app that awaits and responds to your clicks.

Under consideration


Status: Looking good

Unfortunately, Figma does not support panel integrations (open while designing), so the experience is somewhat fragmented. However, we are experimenting with a different way that will replicate the most useful functions without added user effort, so it’s looking good for a Moodful on Figma integration.


Status: Under serious consideration

Recently we had the chance to work with the newly released Miro for Developers and their excellent team, so we are currently exploring how Moodful would fit inside it.


Status: Under light consideration

One of the most exciting tools and rapidly growing, Framer is a platform we are really looking forward to supporting. We will be looking into the possibility soon, if there is sufficient interest.

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